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Perception Kayaks Review

Product Review by Elliott Hoffman

Product Features

  • Durability
  • Good quality, but not great aesthetics (haptics and visuals)
  • Great pricing
  • Great customer reports


Kayaking is one of the noblest of sports or pastime. If you are new to the kayaking business and are in the market for a great kayak to excite your need for adventure or just want to pass time at a lake while fishing, then you might want to look at the brand, Perception Kayaks. The brand, Perception Kayaks has been in the business of kayaks for three decades, managing to build authority as providers of the best affordable kayaks. Not only that, but Perception Kayaks has also assisted more people to find their stride into kayaking than any other kayak maker. Indubitably, Perception Kayaks has a reputation of inventing the plastic kayak, which thrust the activity into the realm of affordability for many folks; they believe that fun does not necessarily mean expensive products.

Therefore, what’s in a Perception Kayak?


  • Extremely affordable ($500-800)
  • Three-year warranty
  • Stability makes them a great option for beginners and experienced as well
  • Trusted brand


  • Lack of drain plugs to maintain dryness
  • Aesthetics, the plastic makes it feel and appear cheap. It's not
  • Tall people are not accommodated
  • Minor gripe on seat-back design and denting

Perception Kayaks Review Review

Perception Kayaks was born in the 70s by a group of noble paddlers from the Great Northwest.

Perception has built its name on its renowned hull design, material products, and sit-on kayaks. Let’s look at what’s in their menu so you can go and feast your eyes on their exciting items when you access their web page. Exolar is one of their proprietary hull materials; it’s a high-density resin that is incredibly hardened and resistant to impact. Furthermore, their Airalite hulls are light and sturdy, just like Kevlar, which sounds expensive, but it’s not. Their Comfort-Fit equipment systems offer the kayaker with well-fitting, thermo-positive seats, not to mention reactive back-bands with lumbar and thigh supports for those multi-hour kayaking events.

One of the kayaks that Perception serves up in their menu is the Perception Scooter Kayak. It has been Perception’s best-selling sit-on-top kayak that is made for general purpose paddling. Undoubtedly, the Scooter is apropos for surfing, beach enjoyment, light fishing and touring.


Perception Kayaks does offer a guide on choosing the best kayak for you. By all accounts, all their kayaks are made for all kinds of paddlers. Your perception is key when it comes to Perception!

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