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Copper Fit Gloves

Product Review by Elliott Hoffman

Product Features

  • Accepts Up To 4 Fuel Cartridges for 48 Hour Fuel Runtime
  • ZoneCheck Monitor Shows Halo Is Activated
  • Compatible with Thermacell 4 and 12 Hour Mosquito Repellent Mats


Most athletes nowadays strive to ease and improve their muscular conditions with the use of various sportswear and compression gloves, being one of them, is growing in popularity due to their claims to alleviate ailments. As individuals that continually aim to do their best with the least impact on their body, some of them swear by that the open-finger copper compression glove is sure to fit and reduce swelling and helps relieve sore muscles.

What is a Copper Fit Glove and How Does It Work?

Copper Fit in Black

Basically speaking, these are usually a pair of lightweight gloves that are infused with copper which reduced odor. It aims to slip on perfectly with every pair of hands as it comes in various sizes to accommodate every athlete and ordinary citizens alike.

There are two types of Arthritis Compression Gloves – one with the velcro grip should you need the extra support in your daily activities and the one without it, which is generally suitable for sleeping or if you are advised by your doctor to rest your hands and palms. Both of these compression garments have an open finger design

The pressure that the compression gloves increases the blood flow in your system that provides instant relief but make sure that it is not too tight for your hands. Hence, it is branded as a ‘second skin’ because it is thin enough to keep your joints working with precision and accuracy without compromising its quality. It also goes beyond your wrist which provides overall protection.

In addition, it provides your hands with warmth while keeping your fingers open which in turn provides flexibility to be able to do your normal day-to-day activities.

Why should you use copper compression gloves?

Its open finger design helps your fingers breathe while promoting blood flow that decreases inflammation. Thus, it is safe to say that because it is designed to support muscles, it can be inspired other companies to come up with arthritis gloves which also aims to reduce stiffness and other aches brought about by strenuous activities.

Its wicking fabric is the perfect material to be used for compression gloves and other products alike.

How long should you wear copper compression gloves?

These gloves are meant to be worn for a maximum of 8 consecutive hours at a time. This gives you the freedom to choose when to wear your compression gloves, either while you take a good night’s rest or to use it during the daytime.

Please take note of the type of copper fit glove to wear based on your needs and as recommended by your Occupational Therapists as the options in the market may not target nor suit your needs. Though in a general sense, this helps with puffy fingers, stiff joints and help relieve other pains in your palm, fingers, or wrists.


The fit on these copper boots arthritis gloves (Amazon or elsewhere) has the following measurements:

Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.9 x 0.5 inches

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Though it provides instant relief, it still pays to understand whether you’re getting your gloves copper’s worth. Here’s everything that needs to be considered before making clicking the check-out button:

Are Copper Compression Gloves available in Walmart?

Yes, the Copper Compression Gloves is available in Walmart for a retail price of $21.94 and comes in four sizes from Small to Extra Large.

The item is made with Copper-infused fibers and spandex. Aside from its constant use, it is also important on how to care for your compression garments to ensure that it lasts you a long time.

These care tips include the following recommendations:

  • Hand wash cold
  • Air dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean.

How do I know which size fits me best?

Aside from its material and durability, it is also important to get these in the right sizes as an arthritis glove that’s too tight or too loose won’t get the job done. Though the copper content is the best qualifier of the item, its fit is one of the main keys to making sure it serves its ultimate purpose. To know which size suits you best, gently place your hands open on a table, and measure your knuckles. Though sizes may vary, this is the general list of sizes as followed by most companies who make hand gloves for arthritis.

Simply refer to the measurements below to know which one is perfect for you:

  • Small – 2 to 3/4 inches
  • Medium – 3 to 1/2 inches
  • Large – 3 to 3/4 inches
  • X Large – 4 to 1/2 inches

Do Arthritis Gloves Work?

Yes, the product works because the combination of compression and heat eases the pain and reduces the overall symptoms such as a weak grip and a limited range of motion. In fact, some users claim that it has strengthened their grip which improved the quality of their state.

Though it has worked for countless numbers of individuals, it is still important to understand that this pair of copper fit gloves is not the end fix to any of your physical issues. Just to be clear, this aims to only manage the symptoms you are experiencing and does not serve as an over-all substitute for treatment. However, this has garnered a lot of positive customer reviews from the US on being one of the most effective copper.

Do Copper Gloves Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Yes, A pair of Copper Fit gloves helps by regulating blood flood which in turn paves the way for a continuous supply of oxygen. As a result, this makes touching and feeling objects relatively easy as it loosens stiff muscles.

For those who might be unfamiliar, a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a disorder wherein the median nerve which is located above our wrist is entrapped and compressed. This causes the thumb, index, middle, and ring finger to be numb as this is connected to the median nerve.

This is usually caused by an inflammation that results in an increased fluid within a small space and hence, the appearance of puffy fingers. Using the heated gloves for arthritis provides an almost instantaneous relief as it brings about balance with its compression properties.

Where Can I Buy IMAK Arthritis Gloves in Canada?

Imak Co

If you’re eyeing for other brands of compression gloves for arthritis such as the IMAK in Canada, search no more as this is available in Arthritis Foundation’s website where a pair of these comfortable compress gloves retails for $29.99 CAD.

This provides the sought of relief while providing the perfect fit that any compression garments offer. For hygienic reasons, these items cannot be returned once it is purchased so be sure to get this one in stock with the right size for your hands.

Moreover, you can check out Agecomfort.com, a Canadian company that offers free shipping for orders that starts at $50 along with an auto-order that ensures anyone on the waiting list is sure to get their hands on any product they like. If you think you found the perfect fit then maybe it’s time to splurge on a compression garment.


If you need our personal views on the item, we’d say it is best to give it a try as the cheap prices for an effect are truly going to speak for itself. Moreover, our wellness and health do not come cheap and this investment is no match for the extra added support that our hands and palms get.

Though there are quite a number of companies that strive to produce the best, these brands are one of the few trusted ones that have caught our attention with its positive reviews.

We will be sure to continue with our patronage as it has proven its effectivity and hope it gives you the same satisfaction it has brought u s.


  • Relatively cheap as it costs $19.99 dollars with free shipping should you check it out at their website.
  • Copper content is relatively high at almost 100% while others only have 4%
  • Accommodates most states and can be paid for using PayPal aside from the digital version of your credit card.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee after 30 days excluding its sales sale should it not work for you but it does not offer an exchange should the size not fit you.is perfectly safe to use.
  • One-time investment: Once you've bought this amazing device, you can rest for a really long time


  • The copper can wear and tear with constant use so it is best to have an extra pair to switch your arthritis gloves boots.
  • The copper compression and warmth may provide relief and fit but it can also absorb sweat over time.
  • There are cheaper alternatives on the market and others may be an imitation instead of the original glove with copper.

Copper Fit Gloves Review

Some technical specs of the device:

  • Size: The dimensions of the device are 3.4″× 3.4″× 6.5″ (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 0.6 lb
  • Hours of protection offered: It can be used continuously for 12 hours straight.
  • How to assemble device: Device needs no assembly.
  • Warranty of device: Device comes with 1 year satisfaction guarantee.
  • Size of protection zone: Size of the protection zone around the device is 15 feet

Does the Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller work?

From my personal use of the device, the Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller works wonders. It worked continuously for 12 hours doing its job well by keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay. I stayed within its zone of protection to get the complete effect. It did take us a few minutes to figure out the workings of this device but once you get it, it’s pretty easy to use. It comes with 3 repellent mats and 1 fuel cartridge.

Shopping for Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller online.

While shopping for the Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller online, I noticed that only orders above USD 49, receive free shipping advantages. The repellent costs around USD 24.99 comes in different colours ranging from green, blue to red and grey. The site mentioned that due to certain limitations, they only ship to the contiguous United States.


As far as competitors for Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller are concerned, I did find quite a few online. For instance, the Original Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mosquito Repellent which works along similar lines. It has a built-in fan which rotates to promote uniform evaporation of the medicament which is also said to be fragrance-free. Its dimensions were listed as follows: 96.5×96.5×52.7 mm. However, with not much views online, we’re not sure if the product is to be trusted.


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